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Are you constantly worried about PC support and computer repairs? Many businesses in Johannesburg don’t need a full-time I.T. department at the office, but they need somebody to make sure that their computers are working. DHWeb has the perfect I.T. solution for you! When you partner with us, you will have professional I.T. consultants that can handle all your computer repairs, services and on site PC support.

Outsourcing I.T. has never been this easy! We have the technical knowledge and experience to handle all your desktop support so that you can focus on your core business without being worried about I.T. failures and computer repairs!
We are a one stop I.T. shop that can solve all your I.T. queries and problems with a range of I.T. services that vary from simple firewall rentals to complete desktop computer repairs.

Our computer repairs and PC support


Whether you need some simple computer upgrades, such as installing CD-ROM drives, sound cards or expansion cards or need advanced I.T. help with operating systems and Windows XP,7 or Windows 8 – we can do all of this for you. Our PC support service in Johannesburg also ensures that you have someone to help you whenever things go wrong!
We make sure that your computer repairs don’t interfere with your business and if your computer has to be taken in to the supplier for repairs or parts, we will do this and keep you updated on what is happening. With this type of PC support, you probably won’t ever have to employ a full-time I.T. department!

Benefits of having DHWeb handle your PC support:


  • We take care of your PC support so that you can carry on doing business
  • Our I.T. consultants in Johannesburg / Durban come to your office to take care of your problem on-site
  • Have your computer serviced or fixed professionally
  • We explain why your computer broke so that you know exactly
  • what is going on
  • You can call us back if you are still experiencing problems
  • We go the extra mile with all your PC support and computer repairs